Topa Sukadería



Tôpa Guacamole 14€
Scallop, coconut and millet ceviche  22€
Chicken croquetinhas, coriander and mint  7€/12€
Mackerel tiradito ‘Orio style’  9€/17€
Spider crab arepa  9€

Suggestions (Ask us)

3000 days mole with tortillas  6,5€
Artichokes in tempura with mole  19€
Sandwich of kokotxas  12€

Thursdays and Sundays

Lumagorri chicken in the China roasted box  18€

Quesadillas with homemade wheat tortillas

Topa cheese and seasonal mushrooms 9€
Topa cheese and Iberian ham 8€
Topa cheese and Euskal Txerri pork dewlap 8€

Tacotalos with homemade corn and millet tortillas

“Al pastor” Basque style 9€
Roast Beef with pebre and macha sauce 8€/15€
Rosarito-style shrimp 9,5€

Charcoal Grill

Txoripan with Beasain txistorra  8€
Grilled avocado with mashed tomato and anchovies 7,5€/14€
MacOndo burger with Iberian pork meet 13€
Chicken skewers with piquillo sauce 15€
Basque veal rib, chimichurri and Francis Mallman potatoes 39€/Kg

Happy Ending

Hazelnut and coconut ice cream alfajor 8,5€
Sheeps milk curd, guava jam and pumpkin seeds 8,5€
Churros with orange and lime 9€

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