Topa Sukaderia


Tôpa Guacamole 10€
Anchovie tiradito  9€
Ceviche of bonito and sweet potato 13€
Peruvian Causa with crab 15€
Tempura of Begihaundi squid with Lourdes water 12€
Chicken croquetinhas  8€
Grilled asparagus and island dressing 12€
Bonito and mussel stew from the seven seas 16€

Wheat quesadillas

Topa cheese and Iberian ham 6€
Topa cheese and seasonal mushrooms 6€

Corn and Millet Tacotalos

“Al pastor” Basque style 6€
Fried hake with Veracruz and tartar sauce 7€
Stewed codfish with chile peppers and garlic 14€
Roast beef with Macha sauce 12€

Charcoal Grill

Txoripan with Basque chorizo 6€
MacOndo hamburger 8€
Chicken skewers with piquillo-garlic sauce 9€
Veal rib, chimichurri and Francis Mallman potatoes 28€/kg

Happy Ending

Sheep’s milk curd with guava and pumpkin seeds 6€
Rice pudding and coconut 5€
Quesadilla of Ecuadorian chocolate 5€
Churro with orange and lime 6€

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